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iCel continues a series of innovative decisions of our company. The new casing iCel allows you to produce traditional meat products of premium grade quality at considerably reduced expenses.

Advantages of iCel casing 

  • High smoke and vapour permeability
  • Perfect peeling ability
  • High overfilling capacity
  • Excellent barrier properties
  • High mechanical strength
  • Caliber stability (vertical manufacturing processing  as well)
  • Increased end product yield 
  • No microbiological damage
  • Automatically processing 
  • Soak-free processing
  • No weight losses during storage

The improved barrier-to-oxygen properties provide preservation of taste and smell of spices as well as product itself and smoke flavor. These properties exclude risk of fat burning and oxidation of spices throughout entire period of product’s shelf life.

iCel casing is offered in a matt and glossy option, and shape - in a straight or ring version.

Straight version: 30-90 mm
Ring version: 30-51 mm

White, clear, claret, cherry, smoke, brown, red-orange, salmon, mahogany, orange, light brown, dark brown.

One side or double side printing is available. The number of printing colors is from 1 to 6. Full-color printing is available as well.

Form of supply
The casing can be supplied in shirred strands (38m per strand), for ring casing - 31 m per strand.

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