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AMIFLEX Fr casing is intended for the production, transportation, storage and sale of food products not subjected to thermal processing and/or freezing. 

The unique combination of polymers in the formula of AMIFLEX Fr ensures: 

●          the best strength characteristics in its class: the casing is guaranteed highly resistant to puncture and longitudinal rupture;
●          easy processing: the outstanding elastic and deformation characteristics allow formation on high-capacity clippers at high production rates;
●          excellent show of the product: the bright gloss makes the packaged product stand out in retail shop windows;
●          medium barrier: oxygen and ambient moisture cannot penetrate the casing and damage the frozen product ;
●          high product security: the casing is impervious to microorganisms, hence no microbiological damage.


Calibers: 35 – 200 mm
Colors: clear, white, claret, bronze, gold, brown, red, cream, honey, pink, light walnut, orange. Bespoke colors can be supplied.
Printing: single-color, multi-color or CMYK flexography (including with UV-cured inks).
Forms of supply:
●          rolls
●          shirred sticks  

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   8 800 500-85-85 - Russia
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