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This property gives an opportunity to produce small-portion products with fixed weight (from 25 to 100 g) and long periods of storage.

AMIFLEX-Mini is meant for the production, transporting, storing and retail of such products as:
• emulsified cooked sausages
• hot-dogs and frankfurters
• pates, blood and liver sausages
• processed cheese
• food fat, margarine, sour-milk products

According to the National Standard, suitability period for sausages and frankfurters amounts to 30 days after finishing of technological process with storage temperature from 0 to 6 °C and relative humidity of air not higher than 75 %.

  • Mechanical strength allows you to stuff sausages on different types of stuffing equipment (automatic and semi-automatic highly productive clipping equipment, automatic and semi-automatic lines, twisting equipment).
  • Low permeability for oxygen and water vapor gives for you absence of losses at heat treatment and production storage, microbiological stability in the course of storage, braking of oxidizing processes, saving of a fine trade dress throughout all expiration date.
  • AMIFLEX-Mini is inert to bacteria and fungi growth because of its physiological safety.
  • Multilayer structure of casing AMIFLEX-Mini allows producing of opaque casing by coloring of several layers. AMIFLEX-Mini is more brilliant than one-layer casings. AMIFLEX-Mini blocks photochemical active part of a spectrum causing oxidation of fatty components and decolouration of a product.

Casing color
Cleat, white, brawn, cream, black, yellow, red, bronze, silver, dark-gold, light-gold, gold. Exclusive colors are available.

One color
Full color
. . .


The casing is delivered in shirred sticks.

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