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EXTRAFLEX casing is developed for boiled sausages, hams and pates produced without smoking stage. The casing can be produced in straight and ring-shaped form (EXTRAFLEX Ko).

The combination of functional features and properties of plastic packaging with an appearance of reinforced viscose casing is a distinctive characteristics of EXTRAFLEX casing.

EXTRAFLEX is producing using the technology which makes it possible to have an original rough structure of outer layer of the casing. The casing has an appearance of fibrous casings due to such structure.

EXTRAFLEX is intended for production on automatic and semi-automatic stufficng and clipping machines.

The casing EXTRAFLEX possesses the following advantages over reinforced viscous casings
  • The casing has an increased stuff capacity
Due to 12-15% overstuffing relative to nominal caliber
  • The casing can be produced in ring-shaped form
  • There are wide possibilities of printing on Extraflex casing
  • The casing is cheaper
Casing colors
Brown, red, bronze, light-gold, gold, yellow, clear.

Casing calibers

320-120 mm - EXTRAFLEX, 32-51 mm - EXTRAFLEX Ko


One color
Multi color
Full color




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The direction of printing on ring-shaped casing is to be indicated in official Purchase Order of the client. It is possible to make printing in inner, outer and side direction of the ring.

The casing is supplying in rolled form (on spool) or shirred.
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