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AMISMOK is a monolayer plastic smoke-permeable casing designed for production of semidry sausages of all types as well as smoked processed cheese.

AMISMOK casings features the following properties:

• Smoke permeability;
• Caliber accuracy;
• High mechanical strength and high level of elasticity;
• Low permeability to oxygen and water vapors
• High temperature sustainability;
• Resistance to fungi and bacteria impact.

At present, there are the following modifications of the AMISMOK casing

Casing versionRoll length, mCasing calibre, mmCharacteristics
AMISMOK A100029-90Casing with a glossy surface
AMISMOK Ako300-50029-51Casing with a glossy surface, used for production of sausages in a ring shape
AMISMOK S100029-90Casing with a minimum meat-cling level and increased level of permeability
AMISMOK Sko300-50029-51Ring version of AMISMOK S casing
AMISMOK Sm100029-90Casing with a matt surface featuring easy peeling and increased permeability rate
AMISMOK Smko300-50029-51Ring version of AMISMOK Sm casing
AMISMOK KS100029-90Casing for production of smoked processed cheese

AMISMOK casing combines all advantages of permeable and barrier casings, which are as follows:
  • Smoke permeability of AMISMOK casing allows you to make products with crust and glossy surface and gives the meat products special appealing taste and aroma of smoke.
  • High mechanical strength is a special advantage of AMISMOK casing, which makes it possible for you to use it on all types of filling equipment while keeping the production speed high. This feature also makes it possible to fill the casing manually. Simple pre-use procedure and storage;
  • Extended shelf life of end products can reach up to 45 days for semidry sausages produced according to State Standard GOST 16351-86 and for cooked and smoked sausages (variation of semidry sausages) produced in conformity with GOST16290-86 thus, enabling to gain market leverage.
  • Reduced amounts of water loss during production and storage make AMISMOK casing an economically better alternative when used instead of natural, collagen, and cellulose casings.
  • High temperature sustainability of polymers used in production of AMISMOK ® casing enables to use the casing in a much wider temperature range compared to natural, cellulose, and collagen casings. This feature allows you to shorten overall processing time and increase performance of cooking chambers.
  • High meat sausage capacity enables to achieve high filling calibers of AMICEL casing, thus reducing its consumption.
Range of available colors for AMISMOK includes: clear, smoke, cream, light-brown, brown, dark-brown, claret, red, gold, orange, red-orange, black, white, light-smoke, salmon, light-brown1.
Exclusive colors not enlisted above can be made on demand.

The casing can be single/double side printed. Printing color range is between 1 and 6 colors. Full color printing and matting are also available.

The casing can be supplied in rolls (500 or 1000 m per roll) or shirred (38 or 50 m per strand).

casing represents combination of a high quality product and all-round care for the customers.
This casing is used to manufacture sausage products in conformity with existing Technical Regulations allowing you to receive high-quality end products.
The casing cannot be microbiologically spoiled. This greatly improves hygienic characteristics of both the casing and meat-processed products.
Application of AMISMOK casing guarantees preservation of the taste properties of end products for a long time.

AMISMOK casing can be easily peeled off end products.

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