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FIBROSMOK – is a smoke-permeable casing with a unique matt, rough surface.

The casing FIBROSMOK is designed for the production of all types of semidry and cooked sausages where smoking (smoke-heating) is needed. Using this type of casing enables to make products with traditional organoleptic properties typical of products made in natural casings.

• Unique matt, rough surface
• Permeable structure of casing enables to reach an optimal smoking level
• High impermeable properties against oxygen and moisture
• High mechanical strength, elasticity and caliber consistency
• High meat sausage capacity
• High casing’s elasticity enables to overstuff FIBROSMOK casing 12-14%.
• Excellent peeling properties (there are no problems in removing the casing off the cooked product);
• Microbiological inactivity (the casing cannot be microbiologically spoiled);

The casing is available in calibers 29 - 80 mm for a straight version and in calibers 29 – 51mm for a ring type.

The casing’s supplied in rolls (500m per roll) or shirred (31 and 38 meters per strand).

Catalogue includes 17 colors: clear, light smoking, smoking, cream, white, light-brown, light-brown 1, brown, dark-brown, vinous, red, orange, red-orange, pink, mahogany, salmon, cherry.

The casing can be single/double side printed. Printing color range is between 1 and 6 colors. Full color printing is also available.

There is no any fat layer on the surface of FIBROSMOK casing which allows you to easily stick self-adhesive labels on.

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