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AMICEL used for production of all types of frankfurters, hot-dogs, small sausages and mini sausages.

Using this type of casing allows you to make products with traditional organoleptic properties typical of products in natural, cellulose and collagen casings.

AMICEL casing features the following advantages
  • Easy-to-use operation
Caliber consistency during stuffing process. High mechanical strength and elasticity. AMICEL casing is not intended for any additional pre-use procedures, which obviates pre-use soaking.

  • Organoleptic properties and appearance
High level of smoke permeability. Appetizing crust. Fine optical characteristics of the casing. Eye-catching appearance of end products (wrinkle-free). Good peeling ability.

  • Shelf life of end products
Extended shelf life of end products. According to the State Standard GOST R 52196-2003 shelf life of Frankfurters manufactured in AMICEL reaches 5 days and for small sausages (wiener sausages) – 7 days;

  • Economic benefits
Reduced amounts of water losses when cooking and storing. This casing is not subject to microbiological spoilage.

  • Conformity with applicable packaging regulations
Manufacturing of the portioned pre-set weight Frankfurters, vacuum-packed frankfurters as well as frankfurters in MAP packaging.

AMICEL casing is available in the following calibers (mm): 19, 20, 21, 22, 24, 26, 32, 34 and 38.

The casing is supplied shirred in 2 types of strands:
Type A – closed end of strands; intended for use on automatic equipment.
Type R - open end of shirred strands; used for manual stuffing or for stuffing on filling equipment with a holding device.

casing is available in the following colors: clear, light-smoke, smoke, orange, red-orange, dark-orange, red.
The casing can be single/double side printed. Printing color range is between 1 to 5 colors. Full color printing is also available.

AMICEL casing can be filled on any automatic filling machine as well as on any filler equipped with a holding device. The casing can also be filled manually.
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