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About us

PCF Atlantis-Pak, LLC is the biggest plastic casings manufacturer worldwide.

Areas of business

The priority business areas for the Company are the following:
- manufacture of plastic casings, shrink bags and films for meat and dairy products,
- manufacture of labels.

Geography of supplies

More than 90 countries worldwide. 
Regions: Russia, CIS, North and South America, Europe, South East Asia and Africa.


To become the leader on all markets supplied by us, and to turn Atlantis-Pak into an innovative company with superior understanding of the requirements, the production process and the values of our customers throughout the world.


Already the Russian leader, to become a global player in the food packaging industry through adoption of the world's best practices - from production management to market strategy.

Location and resources

The headquarters and the production site are located in a picturesque district of the Rostov Province. 
The Company occupies 19 ha of grounds. The workforce is about 2,500 employees.
The production facilities mainly consist of equipment supplied by the leading international manufacturers, and includes 28 extrusion lines, 44 shirring machines, 36 printing presses, 13 bag-making machines, 6 lines for ring-shaped  casings, and 1 lamination line. 
The Company owns more than 120 motor cars, including passenger vehicles for  bussing of the personnel to and from the workplaces. 


Atlantis-Pak has branch offices in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Yekaterinburg and Novosibirsk.
Official representative offices are located in Germany, France, Italy, Phillippines, Romania and Poland, as well as in the African continent.
There is also a plant in the Czech Republic operating since 2015.
The dealer network numbers more than 200 agents worldwide.


Meat processing and cheese-making companies and complexes  using plastic casings and heat-shrink vacuum bags for packaging of their products.
The total of about 2,500 processors, including ca. 1,200 in the Russian Federation.
Meat processing and cheese-making companies, and producers in other industries operating in Russia and CIS, that use decals for their products.


1993.  Start of production of Russia's first ever plastic casing.
1995.   Expansion of production. Atlantis-Pak occupies the leading position on the Russian market.
1997.   World's first ever plastic casing for frankfurters and wieners (AMIPAK) is produced, and just a year later already 22% of all Russian frankfurters were made in the AMIPAK casing.
1998.   Beginning of production of Russia's first multilayer plastic casing (AMIFLEX) for sausage products with a long shelf life. Today AMIFLEX is among the most popular casings  not only in Russia and the CIS, but also in many other countries of the world.
1999.   Launch of production of decals.
2000 – 2001. Development and start of production of the world's first line of permeable plastic casings - AMISMOK, AMITAN PRO, and AMITAN PRO Sinuga for the production of semidry and cooked sausages, and the AMILUX casing for smoked frankfurters.
Since 2000 Atlantis-Pak has been manufacturing the AMIVAC heat-shrink vacuum bags for packaging of delicatessen meat products and cheeses.
2002-2003. The ring-shaped AMISMOK and AMILUX casings appear.
2003.   The UV technology for printing on sausage casings is developed.
2006.   Development of the FIBROSMOK permeable casing.  Elaboration of the Company's development strategy for the years 2006-2011.
2007.   Production of casings in nets – the AMITEX Sonet.  Launch of a line for production of seven-layer heat-shrink bags.
2008.   A new generation of casings– the NANOSMOK.
2010.   Production of the AMITEX Express ready-to-use casing (no need for presoaking). Beginning of the serial production of the AMIVAC NT bags for chilled meat.
2011.   Marketing of the iPeel - the first ever easy-peel plastic casing for frankfurters.
2012.   Development of the new iCel permeable casing.   
2013.   Development of the new AMIVAC MBC cook-in pouches for meat products, and of the DYPLEX casing with dynamic permeability.
2014.   Launch of the AMISTYLE heat-sealable films and of the LST barrier casings for frankfurters.
2015.  Presented iCel Premium and iCel F casings.


Atlantis-Pak is a steady participant of the largest exhibitions in the industry, such as AGROPRODMASH (Russia), IFFA (Germany) and CFIA (France).


Gold and silver medals at the competitions of casings sponsored by the V.M. Gorbatov Federal Meat Products Research Institute, and a DuPont Award in the Packaging Innovation category.


Director General of the Company  – Igor Dmitriyevich Perepletchikov.

Year of establishment



BRC, Halal, ISO 9001.

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