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Meet the newcomer: AMIFLEX T-AM

9 Aug 2013

Meet the newcomer: AMIFLEX T-AM

Since 5 August, Atlantis-Pak has been offering a new addition to its range of products.


Atlantis-Pak believes that our customers pay not for goods or services as such, but for solutions to their problems.  That is why the Company has been continuously improving its products.

AMIFLEX T-AM is a modified and improved version of the AMIFLEX T Hams casing.  It is designed for molded products.

The AMIFLEX T-AM has inherited the following features of AMIFLEX T Hams:

-           enhanced adhesion to meat,

-           elasticity and moldability,

-           elevated heat shrinkage.


AMIFLEX T-AM has the following advantages over its predecessors:

-           better moldability,

-           higher gauge consistency (±1%),

-           no free shrinkage during storage of the casing.


The AMIFLEX T-AM casing has been duly certified with issue of all necessary documents.


Available casing gauges: 90 - 120mm.


Use the  phone +7 (863) 255 85 85 to contact the Regional Manager for clarification.

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