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The consumer subjects the product to thermal processing at home… without removing the bag!

New barrier bags intended for packaging, storage and cooking of meat products.

AMIVAC MBC - barrier heat-shrink bags for vacuum-packaging, storage, selling and cooking meat products in the oven.

You can sell marinated semi-finished products in AMIVAC MBC. The consumer subjects the product to thermal processing at home without removing the bag.

Packaging of the products in АМIVAC MBC bags is made in chamber vacuum packaging machines.


Withstands heat treatment with hot air and vapor or in microwave ovens

Provides long shelf life of the packaged products  - either fresh or pre-cooked

Reduced cooking time – no need to prepare the product for thermal processing – no need to buy spices, sauces, cook-in pouches or foil, etc.

The high heat resistance of the bag without any metal clips makes it possible to cook the packaged products without removing the bag

 Clean ovens and pans

 Juicy, tasty and attractive product for the consumer

Wider assortment of the supplied products: you can create new types of meat products






Bag width

200–400 mm

200-400 mm

Bag length

100-800 mm

100 – 800 mm




Pasting on tape

extra service

extra service

 Bespoke bag sizes can be supplied to the customers’ specifications.

Bag color

Supply forms:
● rolls without perforation
● pasted on two tapes (for automatic equipment)
● cut into separate bags inside transportation packs, each pack containing 100 bags

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