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AMICEL is a frankfurter casing permeable to process smoke.

AMICEL used for production of all types of frankfurters, hot-dogs, small sausages and mini sausages.


The AMICEL smoke-permeable casing makes it possible to roast and smoke the products to impart to them the characteristic pleasant taste and flavor of smoke, and to form the coagulated protein crust and glossy surface of the product under the casing.

The high oxygen barrier properties compared with protein and cellulose casings provide for the following advantages:

• reduction of oxidation processes;

• preservation of the individual flavor of spices in the finished products throughout the shelf life.

Low permeability to water vapor

The AMICEL casing is an economical alternative to cellulose casings, because of lower moisture losses during the thermal processing and storage (it has been found in practice, that the heat losses of the products in the AMICEL casing are 1.5-2.0 times less in comparison with cellulose casings). The water vapor transmission rate of the AMICEL casings is 1.2 to 1.5 times lower than that of cellulose casings, and is at a level that makes it possible to:

• achieve the required degree of smoking of sausage products with characteristic taste and flavor, and the coagulated protein crust on the surface;

• reduce moisture losses during the thermal processing and storage of frankfurters and wieners packaged in the AMICEL casings.

Reduced adhesion to different emulsions results

in easy peeling of the casing off the finished product without damage to the surface layer of coagulated protein, which is especially important for frankfurters and wieners. 


Calibers, mm:

AMICEL casing is available in the following colors: clear, light-smoke, smoke, orange, red-orange, dark-orange, red.
The casing can be single/double side printed. Full color printing is also available.


1-sided and 2-sided; multi-color; full color.

Forms of supply:

The casing is supplied shirred in 2 types of strands: 
Type A – closed end of strands; intended for use on automatic equipment. 

Type R - open end of shirred strands; used for manual stuffing or for stuffing on filling equipment with a holding device. 

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