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AMISMOK is a plastic casing permeable to smoke. AMISMOK has a low rate of permeability to gases, water vapor and smoke.


The high elasticity of the casing makes it possible to overstuff the AMISMOK casing by 10-12%.

With its low permeability to water vapor the AMISMOK casing is an economic alternative to collagen and viscose-reinforced casings, because moisture losses are reduced during thermal processing and storage (it has been proved in practice that the thermal processing losses for products in the AMISMOK casing are 1,5 times lower). The water vapor transmission rate of the AMISMOK casing is 1,5 times less than that of collagen and viscose-reinforced casings, which makes it possible to:

• achieve the required degree of smoking of sausage products with characteristic taste and flavor, and the coagulated protein crust on the surface;

• reduce the moisture losses during thermal processing and storage of sausage products in the AMISMOK casing.

The high mechanical strength of AMISMOK casing makes it possible to use high-capacity automatic and semi-automatic clippers, which provides for a high rate of production, and stability of the shape.

Microbiological resistance. The polymers used for production of AMISMOK casing are inert to the action of bacteria and mold fungi. This improves the hygienic characteristics of both the casing itself, and the finished sausages.

High heat resistance of the polymers used for production of AMISMOK casing significantly extends the temperature range of use of this casing in comparison with collagen and viscose-reinforced casings. The casing is resistant not only to high temperatures of smoking (up to 80-85˚C), but also to their prolonged effect.

The high oxygen barrier capacity compared to collagen and viscose–reinforced casings ensures the following advantageous properties:

•reduction of the oxidation processes, in particular, rancidification of speck;

• preservation of the individual flavor of spices in the finished products throughout the shelf life.

Types of AMISMOK casing

Casing version Casing calibre, mm Characteristics
AMISMOK A 29-90 Casing with a glossy surface with a middle rate of permeability  
AMISMOK Ako 29-51 Casing with a glossy surface, used for production of sausages in a ring shape
AMISMOK S 29-90 Matt casing with a minimum meat-cling level and increased level of permeability
AMISMOK Sko 29-51 Ring version of AMISMOK S casing
AMISMOK Sm 29-90 Casing with a matt surface featuring easy peeling and increased permeability rate.
AMISMOK Smko 29-51 Ring version of AMISMOK Sm casing

Colors: clear, smoke, cream, light-brown, brown, dark-brown, claret, red, gold, orange, red-orange, black, white, light-smoke, salmon, light-brown1.
Exclusive colors not enlisted above can be made on demand.


1- and 2- sided; full color; multi-color. Printing is made with solvent inks.

Forms of supply:

in rolls; in shirred sticks.

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