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A smoke-permeable casing for production of all types of frankfurters & hot-dogs, small sausages and mini sausages where smoking (smoke-heating) or drying is required.

AMILUX T represents the world’s first plastic permeable casing for hot dogs developed by Atlantis-Pak Co., Ltd.

AMILUX T casing features all advantages of permeable casings ( permeability to smoke) along with advantages plastic barrier casings (high oxygen level barrier) ensuing in an extended shelf life of end products without secondary vacuum packaging.

Using AMILUX T casing makes it possible for you to make products with traditional organoleptic properties typical of products in natural and collagen casing. Mixes of high quality polyamides made for Atlantis-Pak Co., Ltd. by leading polymer producers are used when producing AMILUX T casing according to its unique production technology.

AMILUX T type casing features the following specifications
  • Permeability to smoke
  • Caliber Consistency
  • High mechanical strength
  • High elasticity level;
  • Low permeability to oxygen and water vapours
  • High thermal resistance
  • Reduced adhesion level to various types of the sausage meat
  • Microbiological inertness
The casing is supplied in shirred strands.

According to the State Standard GOST R 52196-2003, shelf life of Frankfurters and hot-dogs manufactured in AMILUX T reaches 7 days and for small sausages – 9 days.

casing is available in the following calibers (mm):
19, 20, 21, 22, 24, 26, 32, 34 and 38.

The casing is supplied shirred in 2 types of strands:
Type A – closed end of strands; intended for use on automatic equipment.
Type R - open end of shirred strands; used for manual stuffing or for stuffing on filling equipment with a holding device.
AMILUX T casing is available in the following colors: clear, light-smoke, smoke, orange, red-orange, dark-orange and red.

The casing can be single/double side printed. Printing color range is between 1 to 5 colors. Full color printing is also available. Casing of caliber less than 20 mm is single side printed in one color only.

AMILUX T casing is not intended for any additional pre-use procedures, which obviates pre-use soaking. This is due to the casing’s high elasticity making it really easy to reach recommended filling calibers. Because of this property our clients can increase their production speed and keep up with the high level of their production hygiene.

In addition, Atlantis-Pak Co.,Ltd. offers AMILUX T Rko casing which is a ring or half-ring version of AMILUX T casing . Ring and half-ring shapes are traditional for small sausages. Using AMILUX T Rko casing allows you to make products with traditional organoleptic properties typical of products in natural casings.
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