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AMIVAC CH-B-7 is a seven-layer thermo shrink bag, used for packaging and keeping of ripening cheeses.

AMIVAC CH-B-7 will ensure attractive look of packaged products and represent it showy on the shop window. It has a wide range of colors with glitter surface, or high level of transparence in case of colorless version. 

Functional advantages

- Optimal gas permeability
Bags make it possible to deflate surplus of carbon dioxide and other gases, generated during ripening process, and protect packed products from the oxygen ingress. It ensures high quality of cheese ripening.  

- Low vapor permeability
Packed cheese doesn’t dry out, moisture and salt distribute evenly within the bag – thanks to this features of the product preserved throughout the cheese.

- High strength properties
AMIVAC CH-B-7 ensure safety of the packed products during transportation and storage.

- Individual protective package
Individual airtight packaging of AMIVAC CH-B-7 bag packs guarantees protection from unfavorable external effect during all warranty lifetime long and insures a high sanitary-hygienic level of bags.

- Absence of chlorine-containing substances
More and more countries pay much attention to ecological situation and utilization of packaging. We advocate ecological purity of our living environment that is why we never use any chlorine-containing substances during manufacturing process of the AMIVAC CH-B-7 bags.


Proportions and seals








 Bag width 

200 - 425  mm

200 - 425  mm

80 - 165 mm

 Bag length 

100 - 800 mm

100 - 800 mm

  200 - 425 mm 

Color range

   clear, white, creamy, yellow, orange, red, wine-color, golden and blue.
It is also possible to produce such bags having exclusive colors.

Delivery form
As a roll with tear-off perforation;
As a roll without perforation;
Pasted on two tapes (for the operation on automatic machines);
Cut into separate bags packed in transportation packs per 100 pcs.

It is possible to use one-sided or two-sided printing on the bags. The full-color printing is also possible.

Marking products with label is recommended.

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