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AMISTYLE HP is a heat-sealable biaxially oriented permeable film.

The AMISTYLE HP film is designed for production, transportation, storage and sale of smoked processed sausage cheeses.

The AMISTYLE HP film is made of polyamide permitted for use in the food industry.

The AMISTYLE HP film is designed for use on various types of continuous-operation automatic equipment:

•        vertical moulding and clipping systems;

•        horizontal automatic heat sealers ganged up with clippers.

Tubular film can be obtained by contact heat sealing or hot air sealing.

Web width:


Film colours:

Clear, smoke, light smoke, orange, light brown. Bespoke colours can be supplied.


The AMISTYLE HP film is suitable for single colour, multi-colour or CMYK printing with the use of volatile solvent-based inks.

Printing is made by the flexographic method; the inks are resistant to boiling, fats and mechanical action.

Forms of delivery:

500m or 1,000m (with a joint) rolls on cardboard cores 76mm in diameter.


•      Low stretching in the transverse direction combined with mechanical strength

•      This makes it possible to produce portion products of exact weight at high moulding rates and ensures stability of the chub shape and size.

•      Heat shrinkage

•      Ensures no wrinkles on the finished product.

•      Optimal permeability to gases and water vapour

•      The product in the AMISTYLE HP film has the smoke flavour and a crust.

•      Low OTR

•      Retards the oxidative processes that lead to rancidification of the fats in processed cheeses.

•      Resistance to fats

•      Makes it possible to package and store products with a high content of fats.

•      Physiological safety

•      The film is impervious to microbiological damage, since the component materials are inert to the action of bacteria and mould fungi. This facilitates storage and improves the hygienic characteristics of the film itself and of the production site.

•      Small specific weight of the film (kg/m2)

•      Provides for the optimal product to packaging weight ratio.

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