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AMISMOK KS is a permeable to smoke casing with a glossy and shiny surface. It is designed for stuffing, packing, storing and selling of smoked processed cheeses. We recommend to use AMISMOK KS in shirred sticks for stuffing with hot cheese mass.  


- Permeability to smoke. It gives the products a smoking flavour and arome and contributes to formation of a crust on the product and a glossy surface.

- Caliber stability. It allows to get chubs of a uniform size and fixed weight when used on automatic equipment.

- Due to high mechanical strength AMISMOK KS is intended for use with automatic and semi-automatic clipping equipment. 

- High elasticity of the casing makes it possible to overstuff the AMISMOK KS casing by 10-12%.

- With its low permeability to water vapor the AMISMOK KS casing is an economic alternative to collagen and viscose-reinforced casings, because moisture losses are reduced during thermal processing and storage. 

- High heat resistance. Processing at higher temperatures reduces the time required for thermal processng of the products and increases the throughput of heat chambers.

- Physiological safety. The casing is impervious to microbiological degradation, because the materials used for its production are inert to mold fungi. 


Clear, cream, light-brown, brown, red, gold, orange, white, black, smoke amd others. 
Bespoke colors are available. 

The AMISMOK KS bags can be used for single- or double-sided printing. CMYK printing is optional.

Marking products with label is recommended.

29 - 90 mm.

Forms of supply:
in rolls;
in shirred sticks.

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